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Paperfly is the most user friendly mobile and desktop solution for collecting documents, data, signatures, credentials and payments from your customer. Please visit Paperfly for more information.

Mobile Banking

The increased use of mobile devices is leading to a whole new way of banking. Mobile banking brings new opportunities to both banks and their customers. Banks can deliver their services through a much cheaper channel and customers can profit from the services’ mobility. Nonetheless, many financial institutions still fail to meet the customer expectations.

Reasons for not using mobile banking in Germany*

(*Source: statista)

Security concerns70%
No additional features (compared to other banking channels)17%
Difficult to use8%
Lack of compatibility with the mobile device7%
The bank does not offer mobile banking3%
Other reasons9%

By taking into account the drawbacks of the current mobile banking apps we have developed a white label solution for financial institutions, which is modular and fully customizable. Our solution has been designed with the goal in mind of creating the best possible customer experience.

Process Optimization

With so many ways a customer can interact with his bank, including web, mobile, social media and TV ads, as well as traditional ways of banking such as branch visit and ATM, keeping track of the customer journey can be a difficult task. Our customer-centric approach is a unique solution for improving the customer experience across all banking channels.

Big Data Analytics

The continuous increase of customer interactions through web and mobile is leading to an increasing volume of customer data. However, banks are using only a small portion of this data to generate insights that enhance the customer experience. Our solution to this problem is an intelligent framework, which aggregates data from several data sources and let you to create a 360 degree customer view.


Our expertise is your advantage. We support you through all phases of your IT project, from conception to launch. Our team consists of banking consultants and software developers, who have already helped many financial institutions develop user-centered IT solutions. Feel free to contact us.